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Q: Why choose Changing Lanes Credit Repair Specialists to help your clients with Credit Repair vs other companies?

With our extensive background, experience and expertise, we can help your clients with: Credit Education, Credit Repair, Credit Rebuilding, Credit and Debt Consulting, and Debt Settlement. The majority of consumers do not know their credit rights and what they can do to improve their credit and raise their scores. There are several federal laws that govern credit repair, credit reporting, credit scoring, debt collections, and more. With the help of our attorney and our vast experience, we are very knowledgeable of these particular laws to help your clients to obtain better credit and raise their credit scores. The result of using our unique credit consulting and credit education system is that your clients will not only have better credit and higher credit scores; they will obtain the correct and factual information to help them for years to come. Other credit repair companies haphazardly delete accounts, ones in which they should have been corrected instead; drag the client out for approximately two years costing them way over a thousand dollars. More importantly, the majority of credit repair companies does not even know or understand the laws in order to answer clients’ questions or educate them. Knowledge and experience are extremely important in this line of work. You want to get the best results possible while not spend a lot of money to do so. This way they can obtain a new home, vehicle, new job/promotion or just have pride in having better credit.

Q: Is Credit Repair legal?

Yes, it is totally legal in all 50 states. By utilizing the federal law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) under sections 611 (a)(1)(A) and (5)(A)(i), the law states that a consumer has the right to have an accurate credit report. If anything on a credit report that is inaccurate, obsolete, duplicate, misleading or unverifiable, then you can correct or delete ANYTHING on your credit reports including: bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, collections, charge-offs, late payments, tax liens, judgments, etc. By having these erroneous negative items deleted, your credit scores will improve. Keep in mind that deleting an account on a credit report does not mean you do not owe that debt.


The federal laws that we use and abide by are:

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Credit Repair Organizations Act

The Fair Credit Billing Act

The Fair and Accurate Transactions Act

The Fair Credit Equal Opportunity Act

Q: How fast can credit repair take to see results?

It all depends on how many negative inaccurate, obsolete, misleading or duplicate items are on your clients three credit reports. It also depends on the credit bureaus properly doing their job by heeding the federal law, Fair Credit Reporting Act. Clients will usually see results from all 3 credit bureaus in as little as 35-45 days; faster if you are pulling a new credit report within 30 days. The credit bureaus may respond faster if they gather all of the information back from your creditors in a timely manner, which by law is no more than 30 days. Remember, credit repair is not a quick fix.

Q: Is there any guarantee of doing credit repair?

Although we cannot guarantee a certain outcome by federal law, we know that by utilizing the F.C.R.A., we can assist you in getting items corrected or deleted with an overall positive outcome in most cases. With our 28 years of experience, we know that we can improve almost every credit report that we see that have inaccurate information. Some of the work may include: credit repair – disputing items that are inaccurate, obsolete, duplicate, misleading or unverifiable on the credit report, paying down good accounts, negotiating debts to a lower amount, raising limits on credit cards, closing too many credit card accounts or establishing new/good accounts if the client does not have any credit or too little credit. We must follow all State and Federal Laws and will not deviate from them. If an item is not considered inaccurate, misleading, obsolete, duplicate, or unverifiable, then we will not dispute the item on your credit report. If necessary, a client can cancel our services at any time in writing.

Q: What is the difference in Rapid Re-Scoring and Credit Repair?

The difference is huge! Rapid Re-Scoring is a service that some mortgage companies can offer and the fee is approximately $30 per account, per credit bureau to correct or delete. They will need documented proof that an account isn’t theirs or it was paid. If the client does not have this, then they won’t be able to do a rapid rescoring on the account. Also, it does not help to improve the credit reports or raise the credit scores after the client obtains the loan. It is only used for that purpose, so after the client obtains the home loan and goes to purchase a vehicle a few months later, the client finds out that the negative accounts are still on their credit report that they paid to have deleted. This frustrates the client and they usually will not end up referring people to the mortgage company. With credit repair, we usually do not need any documentation, and the results are more permanent. Plus, the credit education that the client receives benefits them for a lifetime!

Q: If I do not do credit repair, how long will negative information stay on my credit report?

The Credit Bureaus would like you to believe that all information stays for 7-10 years, regardless of anything you do. However, since credit repair is fully legal by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the particular dispute process we use may DELETE these following accounts before this time frame. If you had the choice to wait it out for years or be pro-active and clean up your credit reports, which one would you choose?


  • Good credit – 10 years or longer
  • Negative credit (late payments, collections, charge-offs, closed accounts, child supports, civil and small claim judgments, paid tax liens) – 7 years from the date paid
  • Chapter 7, 11 and 12 Bankruptcy – 10 years
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – 7 years
  • Unpaid tax liens – up to 15 years
  • Inquiries – 2 years



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