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At Changing Lanes Credit and Financial Services, we cater to our Affiliates. We create an added benefit that you can provide for your clients.


Get 20% of the set-up fee when your referral signs up for service.

DON’T Turn Away any more Clients Due to Bad Credit or Low Credit Scores!

Set yourself apart from others by offering reputable AND legal credit repair services that help your clients improve their credit so they can obtain a home loan with YOU!


Problem: Clients who can’t qualify for a loan due to bad credit or low credit scores!

Solution: Our unique credit repair service can help them improve their credit and raise their credit scores.


Benefit: With improved credit, higher credit scores they can now qualify for their loan. YOU close more loans and get MORE referrals!


With our experience, we can offer your clients:


Credit Repair: by deleting inaccurate or unverifiable items on their credit reports with average results of 40% – 80% within 30 to 45 days including: Foreclosure, Short Sale, Repossessions, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcy, late payments and more by using Federal Laws. Using various legal techniques such as disputing items thru the credit reporting agencies, negotiating items, paying down on some items, closing some accounts, and establishing new good credit within 4-6 weeks.


Credit Education: we answer the difficult questions clients have with facts and laws both verbally and in writing. We educate them on their credit rights, laws, how to maintain good credit, how to read their credit reports, how not to become a victim of credit identity theft, how to budget and live below their means, and much more! We don’t want clients to make the same mistakes as before!


We are very passionate about helping people learn more about their credit and finances. Our services are fully legal as we follow all State and Federal laws. Thank you for your time and we look forward to a prosperous and rewarding relationship with you and your clients. Working together with the right facts and having a passion to help people, everyone wins! We look forward to educating and empowering your clients for a brighter financial future!

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